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À propos de nous

Les matériaux

À propos de nous

Les matériaux

De bons produits nécessitent de bons matériaux.
We started out with cotton bags and backpacks. However, the conventional cotton industry became more and more objectionable to us since it partly includes destructive agricultural practices. The production of cotton needs large amounts of water and pesticides. This is not the way we want to go. We want to change that and be part of the solution, and you can support us in achieving that!
Synthetic fibers can be more robust than cotton and lighter at the same time. Since 2018, we have been doing everything we can to manufacture products with the highest possible amount of recycled parts and it is working out better and better every day. We have made polyethylene terephthalate (PET) from recycled water bottles our main material and cooperate with the company “Repreve” which champions transparent processes. To find out more about our recycling process, just scroll down a little further. As of mid-2020 our backpacks will have a laptop compartment consisting of upcycled neoprene and we keep working on extending the list of such sustainable materials.

Le recyclage

About 140 million tons of plastic float in our waters and about six million are added every year. Something has to be done about that plastic soup and with our Stealth Series we want to make a small contribution. How? With a very simple recipe:
Step 1
Collect plastic bottles made of PET – a plastic from the polyester family – wash out remaining contents, remove labels and lids.
Step 2
Sort bottles by color in a machine and decolorize them chemically, shred them afterwards.
Step 3
Melt down plastic particles, pour them into small pellets and draw new threads from them.
Et voilà
No new yarn based on crude oil is created.What’s more: this polyester yarn is very light, can easily be processed into durable fabrics and is therefore perfect for our backpacks. This is how approximately 20 plastic bottles are turned into your new backpack.

Conçu pour durer

High quality materials are important to us, because thanks to them you can enjoy your product for a long time.

Bien-être animal

All our products are free of animal derived ingredients and certified by PETA.

Respect de l'environnement

We have eliminated phthalate P7 and toxins from our products and packaging. This includes environmental toxins such as bleaches, pesticides and heavy metals, allergens such as nickel and other toxins like carcinogens used in poorly controlled leather dyeing or hard chrome plating processes. All the fabrics we use are tested and certified by “FuJian HJ Quality Inspection Technical Service Co. Ltd.”.

Résister à la pluie

Our products are water-repellent and the materials are waterproof. They all shine with a laminated foil from TPU, TPE and PU making the material impermeable up to a water pressure of 1.500 mm. The only catch: during extreme weather moisture can get in through seams and zippers – that’s why we speak of “water-repellent” and not “waterproof”. We won’t give up though and keep developing.